Traveling to Utah? Check out these Traveling Tips


If you are going to be traveling to Utah here are a few travel tips that might help you along the way. Utah might as well be a foreign country to most people even those who are native to the USA. I imaging that it is the same in most areas of the US so here are a few not so serious travel tips for you.

First; Fry Sauce, this wonderful delectable treat is something everyone should try at least once. Pretty much any local or fast food restaurant (non-national chain brand) will offer you fry sauce with your fry’s. Dip them and smother them with fry sauce and munch. Don’t be shy double dipping is ok when it comes to fry sauce.




Avoid eating out at the Golden Corral or other buffet style restaurants on Friday nights, this is the night that most Mormon families go out for dinner and you do not want to get in line behind 20 families with a bunch of hungry kids. If the parking lot is filled with mini vans (or as we like to call them “Mormon Assault Vehicles”) find another place to eat.

Mormon’s are not out to get you, they are some of the most friendly and kind people around and if you need help with anything they for the most part will step up and help you out. I recall many a traveler staying at my parents home while their car’s were being repaired because they did not have money to stay in a hotel. That was however back in the good ol days, but most members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will go out of their way to help those in need.

Speaking of the Mormon Church, if you are looking for a place to eat or someone gives you directions and they say “go to the Stake Center and turn” or you see a sign that says “Stake Center”, this is not a restaurant. It is a LDS meeting house and every Utahn thinks that everyone should know where and what the Stake Center is. It is just one of our things.

Road Construction; come on, every summer it is the same thing over and over, road construction. We only have a few months during the heat of the summer that we can complete that much needed road construction. So yeah pretty much you will have to slow down or wait in a long line while the construction crew does something, we are not really sure what they are doing because most are just standing around leaning on shovels.

Cursing is frowned upon here it Utah so there are a few alternatives for when you must curse, “Flip” or “Flippun”, “Oh My Heck”, “Freakin”, “Dang”, “Fetch”, or just plain “Heck” are the acceptable terms for cussin.




Here are a few words you will need to know so you can understand what others might be saying to you.

Sell = Sale

Melk = Milk

Pellow = Pillow

Crik = Creek

Ruff = Roof

Fark = Fork

Worsh + Wash

Lay’un = Layton

Moun’un = Mountain

Li’barry = Library

Yep or Yup = Yes

Yabut = Yes But

These are just a few, get them down and you will be sure to understand when a Utah’n talks at ya.

If you see a large group of people waiting at the airport holding signs that say “Welcome Home Elder” or “Returned With Honor” or even a young girl in a brides dress, do not worry they will ignore you for the most part and scream a lot when their son, daughter, or potential spouse comes into view.

Utah really is a great place to visit and make new friends. We have a lot of National Parks that you can spend days exploring and if you like to camp you will find some of the best camping around. So come visit have some fun and get ready for the experience of a life time. Who knows you may even want to come back and stay.


Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally

Early Morning Balloon Rides
Early Morning Balloon Rides

I remember as a young boy traveling to Bryce Canyon National Park with family visiting from England. It was a warm summer day and the old Oldsmobile only had what my father called 2/55 air conditioning (two windows and 55 miles per hour). So I was looking forward to the stop we would make in Panguitch, Utah to get a cold soda. We were standing in the gas station drive when I said wow I thought we lived in a small town, this place is even smaller. My father’s response “yeah don’t blink or you will miss it”.

Harley Davidson Rodeo
Harley Davidson Rodeo

Fast-forward to today and you will find that the small town of Panguitch, Utah has not grown much over the years, however who would have guessed that it has become home to one of the must attend, fun events of the season, the Panguitch Valley Balloon Festival. The festival boasts to have more than 50 balloons and pilots that attend each year.

Up Up and Away
Up Up and Away

In the beautiful mountain valley of Panguitch, Utah the balloon festival is a great weekend adventure. There are many events, a rally, inflatables for kids, raffles, live entertainment, varied vendors, food and drink vendors, karaoke, poker, a 5k race, Harley Davidson rodeo, and much more. The best part, the ‘balloon glow”. Saturday evening the pilots set their balloons up on main street and light up the burners. There is not a better way to experience the historic downtown of Panguitch, Utah than by the glow from many hot air balloons.

Main Street Balloon Glow
Main Street Balloon Glow

In its 17 year the festival is hosted the last full weekend in June, the 24th – 26th. The following schedule of events is subject to change but you can contact Panguitch City for more information.

Live Entertainment
Live Entertainment

Friday, June 24
6:30 am- Media Flight
2pm-7pm Vendors & Inflatable Rides
3pm- Parade on Main Street
7pm- Live entertainment

Saturday, June 25
6:30am- Mass Balloon Ascension
7:30am- 5K Race meet at the High School- 390 E. 100 S.
7:30 am-10:30 am- Lions Club Breakfast at Zions Bank
10 am-?? Vendor’s, Children’s Activities, Dunking Booth an Inflatable Rides
Next to Zions Bank
10:30 am- Biker Parade on main and Center
1-3pm- Balloon Rally Bingo at the Social Hall- FREE
4pm- Amateur karaoke Contest
6:30 pm- Raffle Drawing Thomas Auto, 18 N. Main
7pm- Live Music on Main Street & Center
9pm- After the Glow Dance- Free Panguitch Drug Parking Lot

Sunday, June 26
6:30 am- Mass Balloon Ascension

Darth Vader Joins The Fun
Darth Vader Joins The Fun

There are a few hotels with some accommodations. Lodging is limited not to worry though Panguitch is just 68 miles from Cedar City, Utah a little over 60 minute drive. It is also close to Brian Head, Utah and Brian Head Ski Resort just 36 miles 45 minutes, that has many lodging options including Brian Head Cabin Rentals.

So if you are looking for a great weekend getaway that promises fun and excitement for the whole family come to Panguitch, Utah and find out what Southern Utah has to offer.

To see video of a great family vacation rental close to Panguitch, located in beautiful Brian Head, Utah watch this


Ride the Paiute ATV Trail

Travel Southern Utah
Paiute ATV Trail

With an estimated 2000 miles of main trail, marked side trails, unmarked roads and other riding trails, the Paiute ATV Trail is the largest ATV trail in the United States.  The main trail is approximately 270 miles long, winding its way along maintained ATV only trails and mountain pass roads that cross over the Tushar, Pahvant and Sevier Plateau mountains.  The main trail skirts or goes through many local towns in the central/southern Utah area, towns like: Salina, Richfield, Junction, Circleville, Fillmore, Kanosh, Antimony, Beaver, and others.  Most of these small towns are excited to offer many supporting amenities to riders, they allow for ATVs to travel along designated roads, giving easy access to needed things like fuel stations or restaurants.  You can easily stop fill up the tank, grab a bite of lunch, and then just as easily return to the trail.

Higher elevations can be closed for a large portion of the year due to snow drifts that block the way, however, low land trails can be accessed as soon as April or early May and traveled well into October or even November before the first snow fall.

Travel Southern Utah
Paiute ATV Trail

The main trail is has approximately 25 hours of ATV ride time and is typically considered to be a 3 day trip.  The only drawback to this estimated timeline is that it does not leave much time for exploring and taking in the beautiful mountain scenery.  Most riders like to make it a week-long trip so that their stopping and exploring as they progress along the trail or enjoying some of the other local attractions are more enjoyable.  There are many places to camp or other accommodations in which to stay that are within a short drive to many of the trail heads.  With these types of conveniences close to hand, riders can take their time riding and exploring the main trail as well as the other optional side trails.  Exploring all the “side trails” would take weeks to complete and may not be possible to do in a single season.

Most consider the best time of the season to ride the trail is late August through mid October. The temps are a little cooler during the day and the mountain nights are cool and relaxing. The best part of the trail is the mountain scenery, during these months the foliage starts to change in the higher elevations, making it a popular time for even the most novice photographers.  Generally, the higher elevations are only accessible after mid July and due to early storms, could be closed as late as the end of September.

Travel Southern Utah
Paiute ATV Trail

The marked trails are mapped and easy to find and follow.  If you are looking for a guided tour for your first time, there are three Jamborees each year that offer guided trail rides.

  1. The Fillmore National ATV Jamboree: held each June offers 14 choices for trail rides and is host to approximately 500 riders each year.
  2. The Paiute Trail UTV Jamboree: typically held in the 2nd week of August, it offers 20 guided trail rides hosting upwards of 600 riders.
  3. The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree: the largest of the three, hosting nearly 650 riders during the season, and offers 70 guided trail rides.

Other activities include camping, fishing, bird watching, and hiking. The trail comes close to the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum, where you can stop in, see artifacts, and learn about the first natives of the area.

Travel Southern Utah
Paiute ATV Trail

If you are looking for a fun, exciting summer vacation trip that you can do with the whole family, then pack up the tents and sleeping bags and head to Southern Utah and the Paiute ATV Trail.  You can have the time of your life exploring some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah.  Don’t have camping equipment or camping is not your style?  Not to worry the trail is located and arranged so you can ride the day away and find a good place to eat and a hotel to sleep in.

Need to rent some ATVs?  Below is a list of places to rent what you need, including side-by-side ATVs so the younger kids can enjoy the experience also.  You will not be disappointed with this family vacation experience.  So come and enjoy Southern Utah.


Travel Southern Utah


Cedar City, Utah “Gateway to the Parks”

Cedar City, Utah
Cedar City, Utah

Once named the “Gateway to the Parks,” Cedar City, Utah has always been a main hub for its surrounding National Parks. Settled in 1851 by the pioneers, then named Cedar Fort, became the establishment of an iron works. Although iron is no longer mined in Cedar City, its rich history is still being taught at the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum. The Museum now features a horse-drawn wagon collection, Paiute native camp, sawmill, and replica blast furnace. These items help the museum to tell the story of the pioneers and there are a lot of hands-on activities to enjoy.

Also known as the “Festival City,” Cedar City has lots to offer to those interested in theatrical and cultural offerings. Each year the city hosts the Utah Shakespeare Festival. The festival produces eight must see shows each summer and fall. Several of the plays are written by William Shakespeare himself or by one of his contemporaries; however, the festival also produces many other plays as well. Also hosted at the festival is two weeks of playwrights and every evening a thirty-minute greenshow. The greenshow is underneath the whispering pines and offers lots of Elizabethan pastries. All the shows are a must see.

Another excellent festival is the Annual Neil Simon Festival. Produced right in the heart of downtown Cedar City, the festival is now on its 12th operating season. The festival produces several shows each summer and has become a tradition for all ages.

Groovefest is another famous summer activity. Started in 2000 by the Cretsingers, they wanted to share the art of music with those around them. The festival is now a seven day celebration including: Groovekids, LitFest, Campfire Concert in the Canyon, kick-off and after hour concerts, two days of free music, art, food and so much more. The Groovefest is dedicated to American Music and you will be able to find genres such as: Blues and folk, Bluegrass, Country Western, Americana, Jazz and Jam. Found at the Main Street Park this is a must see for everyone.

First opened in 1897 and named Branch Normal School, the commissions knew that Cedar City would be a great place to locate their new school. Since then the school has taken on several names, but in 1991 it became home of Southern Utah University. Now home to more than 7,000 students, Cedar City has continued to pursue its longevity of excellence in education. With now more than 100 acclaimed programs, more than 18 of them are bachelor and master programs. Students attend Southern Utah University because it can still offer them small classes and personalized education.

Cedar City and Southern Utah University are also home to the annual Utah Summer Games. Games such as: running, baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, gymnastics, and soccer are a few of the more competitive sports. However, you won’t be disappointed to find sports such as equestrian, bass fishing, karate, and table tennis, but the list just keeps going. The opening ceremonies include an athlete march, lighting of the torch and a never forgetting entrance of someone special. They pull out all of the stops for these games and you will enjoy every bit of it! The Utah Summer games also features one of the best firework shows in the whole state, making the open ceremonies a must see.

Featuring one of the best car shows in Southern Utah, Cedar City shuts down its main street to present the July Jamboree Car Show. Including lots of amazing cars, vendors, live bands and some great food. This car show is spot on and has something for the whole family to do.

Cedar City is still the “Gateway to the Parks” and is only a short driving distance to Zion National Park, Kolob, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks and the famous Brian Head Resort. And if you’re in the mood for a quant little town, then you must check out Duck Creek. A 30-minute drive up cedar mountain, it’s a great day trip. You can enjoy the scenic drive and some fun little shops. The resort town also has lots of rentals and is only a short drive to Brian Head.

The best-kept secret is located downtown on Historic Main Street. Open since the 1950s, Bulloch Drug Store offers the most amazing ice cream soda fountain. The soda fountain offers Ironport or sarsaparilla and they make the best milk shakes, ice cream sodas, malts, banana splits and of course sundaes. Did I mention that they have the most amazing candy? They are also the only place that still offers “penny candy!” Wood ‘N Lace Place and Comforts of Home have some of the cutest accessories and home décor in town. You will not be disappointed if you visit Bulloch Drug Store.

Other activities that makes Cedar City your next vacation are: The Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival, Cedar city Half Marathon, Great American Stampede, Tour of Utah, and so much more. So come enjoy the scenic views, the theatre, the festivals and all that Cedar City has to offer.

Live and Play in Southern Utah

Rock formation Southern Utah

As I ponder the brilliance of all that Southern Utah has to offer, I can’t help but think that nowhere else in the United States can you find so much in a 300 miles radius. From the red rock canyons of the Red Cliffs and Zion National Park to the snowy peaks of Brian Head and Tushar Mountain, the magnificent beauty is unlike anything else. Where else can you spend your mornings on the mountain skiing and your afternoons out golfing? Where else can you jump on an ATV in one county and end up in another? Where else can you find more than 10 National Parks, where each one has something different to offer? I’m pretty sure that only in Southern Utah can you find all of these things and more.

The Tushar Mountains are the third highest mountain range in Utah and spans over three counties. Its highest peak, Delano, sits over 12,000 feet above sea level. A fun and treacherous day hike, if you make it to the top you can put your name in the mailbox at its highest peak. From the top you can see Beaver County to the West and Piute County in the East. During the summer you can find mountain goats frolicking over the mountain side and countless other wildlife grazing on the lush grass.

Also located in the Tushar Mountain range is the Piute ATV Trails. This trail system’s main loop is approximately 240 miles and has over 2000 miles of primary and designated side trails. It is said that the main loop takes about 25 riding hours to complete, but with so many other trails to explore riders can be out for weeks. There are several trailheads to start from and the best time to explore is when the leaves have changed color in September or October.

Bryce Canyon National Park is home to the largest collection of Hoodoos. Hoodoos are odd-shaped pillars of rock that have been carved out and are left standing from the forces of erosion. Some people call it a forest of stone or a cave without a roof. The park offers lots of guided activities such as: geology talks, rim walks, full moon hikes, astronomy programs, and snowshoe hikes are just a few of them. The park also offers horseback and muleback rides into the canyons. This makes a great place to spend a day or even a weekend and has several accommodations to choose from.

Once completely covered by Lake Bountiful it took nearly 15 million years of uplifting of the ridge and down cutting of a stream to create such a tremendous site. Once the lake and the streams dried up the area became a water-less wind gap. Now this site is home to the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs. The Parowan Gap Petroglyphs are said to have been the work of many cultural groups and may represent religious or hunting rituals once used by Native cultures. Historians have also presented that the gap may have been used as a calendar glyph and tracked solar alignments. The petroglyphs may have been carvings of a calendar with solar alignments, a map and a system of outer Cairns. Found just west of Parowan, Utah, the gap is on the Nation Register of Historic Places and is considered a culture treasure.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs


Cedar City is known as the “Festival City” and has lots to offer to those interested in theatrical and cultural offerings. Each year the city hosts the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Neil Simon Festival and the Groovefest. Being surrounded by several national parks, Cedar City is a great place to start your explorations. Also located in Cedar City is Southern Utah University. SUU is home to over 7,000 students and hosts numerous lectures, musicals, athletic activities, and operas. Cedar City also puts on a lot of other great activities and every summer night you will be able to find something going on downtown. All summer long the city puts on free movies in the park with vendors and is a fun outdoor experience for the whole family.
Southern Utah and more importantly Cedar City is also home to the annual Utah Summer Games. Games such as: running, baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, gymnastics, and soccer are a few of the more competitive sports. However, you won’t be disappointed to find sports such as equestrian, bass fishing, karate, and table tennis, but the list just keeps going. The opening ceremonies include a athlete march, lighting of the torch and a never forgetting entrance of someone special. They pull out all of the stops for these games and you will enjoy every bit of it! The Utah Summer games also features one of the best firework shows in the whole state, making the open ceremonies a must see.

Zion’s National Park is another great reason to visit Southern Utah. Zion National Park draws hikers, bikers, and campers from all corners of the world and for good reason. It offers some of the most breath taking views and some pretty amazing hikes. Nowhere else can you find massive sandstone cliffs made up of brilliant colors of cream, pink and red. The park has a lot of activities to choose from. Things such as: backpacking, bicycling, birding, camping, hiking, climbing, canyoneering, and horseback riding; you’ll have no problem spending a whole weekend or longer inside the park. The park also offers ranger led activities and river trips. With several accommodations and lots of campsites, you will easily be able to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

The red cliffs and the sunshine just get better as you head further south to Sunny St. George, Utah. St. George is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast. Home of the St. George Marathon, this marathon is well known as the marathon to build a vacation around and is the 5th largest marathon in the U.S. Attracting more than seven thousand runners, the St. George Marathon is considered to be one of the most scenic and fastest marathons. Offering 28 miles of gorgeous red rock mountains and descends of nearly 2600 feet.
St. George also hosts the annual Huntsman World Senior Games, featuring 27 athletic events spanned over a two-week period. The Senior Games are open for anyone over the age of 50 and welcomes over 10,500 athletes from all 50 states and 19 different countries.

Southern Utah is the best-kept secret and only those who are looking to have an adventure and make some lifetime memories will be able to handle all that it has to offer. You will never be able to find anything like this anywhere else and you won’t be disappointed. Southern Utah has so much to offer and I’ve only made a dent. So come and enjoy some of the most breath taking views and the best place to explore the beaten path!

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Utah Shakespeare Festival
Utah Shakespeare Festival

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” Found in one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays Macbeth is only one of the great lines that you will find on a daily basis at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Found in the small town of Cedar City, Utah and nestled into the scenic views of Southern Utah University, this is a must see for all. The Utah Shakespeare Festival is well known across the nation and has been awarded the Regional Theatre Tony Award, the National Governors Association for Distinguished Service in the Arts of Artistic Productions, and also the Regional Emmy Award-winning Live Broadcast.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival produces eight must see shows each summer and fall. Several of the plays are written by William Shakespeare himself or by one of his contemporaries. This year the festival will be producing: Much ado about Nothing, Henry V, and Julius Caesar. All three plays are a must see and will leave you wanting to see more.

If you’re not much of a Shakespeare fan, that’s okay. The festival produces more than old English literature. Plays such as: The Three Musketeers, the Cocoanuts, The Odd Couple, Mary Poppins, and Murder for two are only just a few of the fabulous plays that have been produced at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. These plays will have you laughing, crying and then laughing again as the actors pull you into the plot of these stories. It will be more than just sitting watching someone preform, you will be left feeling mesmerized and apart of the story.

The Festival also offers a free show called the Greenshow. This show is preformed on the outside stage nestled underneath the shade of the whispering pines. You can enjoy a free thirty-minute frolic of dance, song, laughter and even some Elizabethan sweets. So find a place on the grass, get comfortable and enjoy the hilarious pre-show.

Utah Shakespeare Festival
Utah Shakespeare Festival

Looking for something new, the festival features the New American Playwrights Project. A fun filled week of playwrights who allow actors and artists to perform a play reading. The ticket also includes an instructive discussion that is between the playwright, actors and audience. This is a great place to ask questions and to experience new plays that may just make it to the big stage. This year two wonderful playwrights will be preformed, “One Big Union” by Debora Threedy and “How to Fight Loneliness” by Neil Labute.
Although children under the age of six aren’t permitted into the theatre, the festival accommodates those with young children. Offering childcare services so that you can enjoy the show knowing that your children are being well taken care of. The facility is licensed and is next to the theatre. You can also enjoy the show with the theatre’s famous Elizabethan tarts and pastries. They also have cold and hot drinks and other snacks and beverages at intermission.

So the question is not whether you will be making a short trip to Cedar city to visit the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the question is how will you ever choose which play you will see… “To be or not to be: that is the question.” Come enjoy some Elizabethan Pastries and a little old English Humor or “off with his head!”

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Brian Head Ski Resort Southern Utah’s Hidden Gem

Imagine a place so serene and peaceful that its almost heaven like. A place so captivating that you don’t want to ever leave. Somewhere that you can go to relax and escape your hectic schedule; where you can immerse yourself into the beauty of the snow capped mountains, the wind whistling through the trees, the glow of the moon off the lake, or the gorgeous colors of fall leaves. A place where you can spend your mornings reading a good book in front of the fire and the afternoon enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. A wonderful place that you can take your family and spend the days with activities such as skiing, fishing, hiking, zip lining, and base jumping. Or maybe you want a place that you can take your significant other and spend time together relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. What if I told you that you can have all those things and that I know exactly where you can go to find it?

This quant little place was settled in the 1850’s and was used only for grazing of sheep and cattle. In the 1890’s it became a small community and the regions sawmill headquarters, because of its abundance of lumber and streams nearby. It then was called “little Ireland” and was used to produce butter and cheese. In 1964 this amazing place took on a new name and became a resort. One so grand that it sits nearly 10,000 feet above sea level and its highest peak is over 11,000 feet. And it has only become more popular and more easily acquired. Now named Brian Head and known for its two distinct ski areas that are connected by a ski bridge, you will find so many activities or ways to rejuvenate your soul that you won’t ever want to go back to the hustle and bustle of real life.

Brian Head Ski Resort Map
Brian Head Utah Map

Navajo is the beginner slope and is famous for its world-renowned ski school. You can drop the kids off at the kid’s camp, where they will enjoy snow instructions in a fun and controlled learning environment that features terrain based learning. Or enroll yourself into adult lessons where skiers or snowboarders of all abilities can progress as you explore all that Brian Head has to offer but with the help of an instructor. Giant Steps is where intermediate and expert skiers will find challenging terrain. Slopes are rated and easy to identified with green being the easiest, blue more difficult and black being the most difficult runs. Between the two ski areas the resort offers 71 runs and a total of eight chair lifts. This resort also offers night skiing. Beginning at 4:00 pm and running until 9:00 pm you will be able to enjoy all the slopes, but underneath the stars and moon.

Is snowshoeing or cross-country skiing more your thing? Well you won’t be disappointed; Brian Head has more than 100 miles of downhill single track and an additional 100 miles of cross-country trails. That’s more than 200 miles of track offered just for snowshoeing and cross-country enthusiasts.
Do you think that you can only visit this amazing resort during the cold and winter months? Think again! This resort covers more that 650 acres and is only a short driving distant to over 4 National Parks, making this a central location for outdoor enthusiasts alike.

This area also caters to the outdoor enthusiast by continually working to improve its trail systems of all types. Being one of the few towns that allows ATVs on any town road and trails and connect to the county and forest service motorized trails, makes using an ATV the best way to explore scenic Southern Utah. Another great way to explore is by bike. Brian Head has two full service bike shops that offer rentals, gear, maps and a shuttle to Utah’s largest Bike Park. This Bike Park has 5,000 foot descents and pro-designed freestyle elements. Also included in the bike park is over 100 miles of mountain bike trails that offer the most scenic and exhilarating rides in the country. If you’re more on the novice side of mountain biking most trails offer “B” lines that go around the more technical elements. This makes bike riding a fun activity for the whole family.

Found at Brian Head Resort is the Grand Lodge. Not only is this a great place to stay but also offers the most amenities. You will find a steak house, several café’s, and a spa. The lodge also offers a bungee trampoline, base jumping, climbing wall, alpine tubing, disc golf courses, zip line, and the list just keeps going. You will be sure to find something that the whole family can do.

New to the resort is Bristlecone Pond, offering 4 acres of water with a beach. The pond also has a half-mile walking trail, picnic tables, grills and a fishing dock. You can enjoy kayaking, ice fishing, swimming or even paddle boarding at Bristlecone pond. This new addition is nestled in the heart of Brian Head and is easily accessible from the shops at village mall. Bristlecone Pond, also offers many Brian Head Cabin Rentals.

If you are looking for a great place to hold a wedding, then look no further. Brian Head can give you a backdrop of spectacular scenery from red-rock sandstone, lush green alpine forests, rolling spring meadows or beautiful snow-capped mountains. During the fall, the aspens turn a brilliant yellow and orange color and the leaves of the maple and oak trees turn to a vivid red, leaving a breath taking view. So whether you’re looking for an intimate ceremony or a festive reception, Brian Head can give you and your guests the beauty and aw-inspiring scenes that Southern Utah has to offer.

So if you are looking for somewhere that is easily accessible, has lots of amenities, isn’t too crowded and that won’t break the bank then you need to be at Brian Head Resort. Come and enjoy the breath taking views and all that Southern Utah has to over and most important the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”